Combo Brows

COMBO BROWS are a combination of adding hair-like strokes (microblading) plus light shading (in the body or arch of the brow only) blending together seamlessly together for a soft natural, slightly more
“filled in look”

Microblading alone leaves space between each stroke meaning the skin is still fairly visible through the brow shape. Sometimes, creating a soft shadow (powder affect) of pigment is desired to add a “fuller” brow appearance.

Who is a good candidate for COMBO BROWS?
•For dry, normal to combination skin
•Desire a natural look bit a little more “filled in” than
•Lacking most of your existing brow hairs

Combo Brows is a two step process, which includes your initial appointment and one complimentary touchup within 6-12 weeks after your first appointment for maximum healed results.2 hours